New music in the works

Mic is coming off his thumb surgery well, and we are back on track with the next record....expect some teasers in the near future

A momentus day

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that states cannot ban gay marriage, thereby making marriage equal to all that seek it.  To us this is a day on par with women's equality, and the end of slavery…

Nice new review in very humbled and thankful

From Metalczine

DALIS WATCH/Breakfast Serial (Ravenhurst Records) This band has a bit of a grunge sound to them along with some rock and it is quite an ass kickin combo. The songs are catchy and heavy and never bored me.…

Dali's Watch playing in Maryland

The Depot on Charles St. In Baltimore.
May 23, 2015. The show starts at 8 we'll be on around 9.  A night of fusion, grungy progressive and all out heavy chaos with Apothecary, Dali's Watch, Bound State and Intentional Trainwreck.